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Alternative Materials for Your Concrete Walkways by Concrete Contractor Seattle WA

Although concrete is a well-known material for walkways, it is natural you are looking for alternative materials to concrete. The concrete contractor Seattle WA can help you best by letting you know about the alternative options to concrete. People choose concrete for their walkways most. Because of its effortless installation, people love it very much. But there are many other options to concrete if you are looking for something different for your walkways. These materials are durable too. They are as follows:

Exposed Aggregate

The exposed aggregate is not like the old cement walkways; it is a little decorative too. The pebbles have to be embedded in concrete for the exposed aggregate. After that, you have to clean the surface with water. The surface provides a stunning look to your walkways. Its durability is equal to concrete, and it may last longer than that if you can use epoxy resin.

Concrete Pavers

The streets of Europe are well decorated with fantastic cobblestone. But balancing on those streets is a little bit tough. The pavers also can give you a look like cobblestones because of modern technology. But it is more convenient to walk on. Besides, you are getting a lot of variations in colors, designs, patterns, etc. You will also find some concrete pavers similar to the bricks. Those are specially designed. If a single part of a concrete paver is damaged, you can replace the part too.

Stamped Concrete

The stamped concrete is a beautiful creation of modern technology. It can replicate other materials like bricks, stones, gravel, woods, etc. But you will have to spend less money than those materials. In addition, you are getting similar looks of wood, but which is not wood. Again, you can ask for customized colors and shapes of the stamped concrete. It is an excellent advantage for you too.


Bricks are a prevalent material for the people. It is firm and doesn’t crack after years of use. Nowadays, even brick has a lot of colors and textures too. There are a lot of patterns in the bricks. Herringbone, running bond, and basket weave are just some patterns you can create with bricks. Similar to the concrete pavers, damage can be fixed relatively easily.

Permeable Pavers

The permeable pavers are eco-friendly materials and also wonderful to look at. Large holes in the pavers will let the water return to the earth. You can insert grass or moss between the pavers to make it look more charming.

Natural Stone

As the stone paver, you can utilize bluestone, flagstone, limestone, granite, marble, slate, sandstone, etc. They are flat in structure and very suitable for walkways or patios. There is no resemblance between any stones because of their natural shape.

Crushed Stone

Crushed stone can control the dirt and mud very well. So, if you want a solution to prevent the dust, you can use crushed stones. It is not expensive as decomposed granite, hybrid crushed stone, polymer, etc.

Stepping Stones

For the stepping stones, you can place any large pavers or stones on the ground and surround them with grass, pea gravel, mulch, etc. These varieties will let you choose the one you are craving. Besides, you can also pick the hardwood tree stumps instead of the stepping stones. But it will damage after years of use. You should seal them to use for a long time.

Boardwalk Decking

The sandy, wet and soggy places need unique materials. Here the boardwalk decking can be the best material. You can utilize it for a very long time if you choose the composite decking material or the pressure-treated lumber. If you use wood here, you will have to seal or stain the wood to protect it from rotting.

Closing Remarks

There are many materials in the marketplace for the concrete patio Seattle installation. You don’t like plain concrete; it isn’t any problem. There are stones, stamped concrete, pavers, etc., with many variations. Undoubtedly one of them will make you impressed to choose for your walkways!


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